Blog Copyright

There are many successful social media bloggers that had their work reproduced and stolen by their competing site. This issue may take several days in order to resolve and might come to a point, where legal measures are needed in order to get things done. This is how important a copyright is. Nowadays, almost all information is freely available online and no one can possibly stop people from copying and pasting information into their site but a Blog copyright. In order for you as well as your content to get protected here’s some important information about copyright:

Information on WordPress Blog Copyright

Copyright is the legal protected provided by the law for original works of authorship which can also be granted for bloggers. This covers both the unpublished and published work. Good examples of protected works are video and sound recording, graphics, pictures, arts, literary works, and music. Now, this can also be applied to your written articles online in order for you to have a proof of authorship.

Process of Doing Copyright

Surprisingly, copyright involves no process at all. As a matter of fact your work will be protected by the law as soon as you started making it and transformed into a form that can be directly communicated of perceived like printed materials or electronically via device or machine. In other words, as bloggers, our entire blog posts, reports, information products, and articles that we have already created are automatically protected. Furthermore, even the unfinished sitting dormant drafts in a file, physically or electronically are already protected by the law. Simple isn’t it?

However, it’s still wise to affix the notice of copyright or the place the word “copyright” into your works so that it will be easy for other people to know that you are the rightful owner. It’s also advisable to perform WordPress Backup of your SEO Services content, to keep a safe copy of your work.

You might be wondering if it is still necessary to register your work in the government for a Blog Copyright. The answer is “NO”. It is not that necessary for bloggers as copyright protection can be acquired automatically and immediately registers as your work as long as it’s permanently sufficient or stable to be a communication medium. However, there are more benefits if you will register your works with government and this includes the following:

  • To have a proof or public record and acquire a certificate that tells you’re the rightful owner.
  • Registered works can be eligible for legal damages if you decide to file a lawsuit against the copier of your work that turns out successful.
  • If the registration of bloggers is filed within 5 publication years, it will be considered as “prima facie”. In example, at the first sight, the original work will provide you enough evidence in stating a case in a law court.

Deciding to register you work in the government involved several options of registration for Blog Copyright:

  • An online registration that will cost you $35 and will take 6 months before receiving the registration certificate.
  • Fill-in form registration which costs $50 and will take 8 months before receiving the registration certificate.
  • Paper form registration which costs $65 that will take 18 months before receiving the registration certificate.

As bloggers, if we choose to follow this information, it’s important to keep in mind that the copyright law is for protection purposes only. It can give us exclusive rights as the original work’s author for a legal protection and this process will encourage your learning and creativity to do more original works.

Other Ways to Protect Your WordPress Blog and Content

Imagine that you have worked really hard to create, write, and craft content and blogs to be posted on your site. You have spent many years on working and researching in the industry or field of your hobby and expertise. Bloggers see their blogs as their ways of demonstrating their credibility and talent while communication with your passion and love on the things they do. Or maybe, your blog is your main income source which you consider very important. But, what will you do if one day you found out that a different blog or website is using your content claiming that it is their own? Shocking right? This has already happened to many blog owners and might also happen to you.

Plagiarism is the term for the wrongful use of other bloggers original works in the forms of video, photography, written and many more. The misuse or theft of articles and content available in the internet is called online plagiarism.

Nowadays, a blogger can now fight against online plagiarism by taking both defensive and aggressive approach. WordPress, Blogger and many other online platforms for blogging plays a very important role in order to keep the plagiarizers and content stealers from stealing your years of expertly crafted content. Aside from a copyright, here are other effective solutions for you to protect your originals works from online plagiarism:

  • Blog Protector – This is a WordPress plugin that can protect bloggers “copy-paste” jobs. This is one of the effective ways in which the content thieves cannot easily grab your content through “copy-paste”.
  • Plagium – this will allow you to key in your content articles into a tool searching keyword combination. This is a very effective tool in order to monitor if your article has been duplicated, copied, or pasted somewhere else.
  • DMCA Professional – this offers 3 different levels which include photo, plagiarism, and blog protection service. This is not a free servicing tool but can give you guaranteed results.
  • Disabling the Right Click Feature on your website – if you are knowledgeable in programming languages and coding, you can disable the right click feature of your website by doing some modifications in your java/html script.
  • Feed Finder – A usual shortcut tactics for a blogger to use the feeds of other bloggers in order to drive and building a following traffic. A short WordPress blog post description or feed will be listed on your site with a link content that will direct them to your original post in order to have more information. The RSS feeds are usually used on many sites including the social media sharing tools.

You should consider this entire information listed in this article in order for you to completely protect your original works and content starting from copyright application to the different anti-plagiarism tools. The details given here in this document are for information purpose only, and an attorney should be consulted for legal advice.