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ferriswheelA blogroll is a list of blogs that is usually placed in the sidebar or along the bottom of a blog, reading as a list of blogger-recommended blogs and other websites. A better way for bloggers to share this information with their readers is through the release of a Blog Carnival. A Blog Carnival is a blog article containing links to a number of articles around the web that cover a specific topic. Most Blog Carnivals are put together and hosted by a rotating list of the most frequent contributors to the Blog Carnival, and their primary purpose is to generate new posts by contributors while highlighting new bloggers who are posting subject matter in the chosen area.

If you are interested in a specific topic and there is not already a Blog Carnival being run on the subject, then it may be a really great opportunity for you to start your own Blog Carnival on the topic at hand if you already have a blog that can host the carnival. However, it is important that you are only starting a Blog Carnival on a topic if it has not already been done before. If you are competing against somebody else’s carnival, then you may not get the number of post submissions that you need in order to create a high quality carnival.

Give yourself plenty of time to launch your Blog Carnival. You want to give yourself enough time that you can guarantee a good launch, because rushing yourself is never going to create positive results. Additionally, you should decide ahead of time how often your Blog Carnival is going to run, and also what day it will be published with each new edition. You want to have details like this planned out completely and fully so that there are no surprises along the way. Surprises may be fun, but they may also keep you from publishing your Blog Carnival on time, which is sloppy.

For at least the first edition, you should not count on receiving a flood of submissions but instead should plan on having to search out posts on your own. If you are willing to go out and find posts for your carnival, the results will tip toward your favor more easily.

Once you have a Blog Carnival planned out, submit yourself to This is a free aggregator and manager of Blog Carnivals that is already the home to hundreds of carnivals. If you want to get the buzz going to increase your submission count, this is a good way for you to get the ball rolling.

Finally, do not be too concerned if it seems as if the flood gates are not opening too quickly. It will take time for your Blog Carnival to build up some steam. A little bit of resistance is completely normal, but if you are patient and hardworking, the results will absolutely pay off in the end.

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