Attracting Free WordPress Blog Traffic

Simple Ways of Attracting Free WordPress Blog Traffic

Gaining blog traffic does not always involve you spending your money on it. In fact, you could achieve it for free. You just need to do some research and put a lot of time and effort into it. You need to do something about it, if you really want.

Make use of YouTube

You should make use of YouTube for it is a platform capable of bringing Blog Traffic to your website, for free. You just need to create your own account and then start uploading videos as well as providing descriptions to all of the videos you are uploading. However, you should never forget to create videos that are related to the content of your WordPress blog. Moreover, you should provide the link to your website on the description of the video. That way, those who watched the video would also get to know about your blog and they would have an easier time finding it.

Your WordPress Blog should be SEO  Friendly

Your contents should also be SEO friendly. For example, you could consider adding keywords that people would search for in search engines. Using keywords effectively, would help your blog start receiving more free traffic. You could also consider placing comment on blogs with the same niche and has a large traffic. Look for them and leave your comments on their blog posts.

Write Articles for Blog Posts

You should come up with an idea and write an article about it. Of course, the content of the article should still be related with your blog and it should be helpful. Send or submit your articles to various article directories such as ezineartcles and articlebase. Article Marketing will work in boosting Blog Traffic for those bloggers, whose content articles are specific to their niche. You should also ensure that your articles are of high quality for it would help you in driving more traffic and achieve the traffic that you desire.

Participate in Community Forums

You could also actively participate in community forums related to your WordPress blog. Look for them and join those community forums that have a lot of member. You should also read the rules first and ensure that they are allowing the promotion and advertisement of blogs for if not, then you should look for another forum to join. These forums may allow you to add the link directing to your blogs, when you are participating in the discussions. You could even post some of the articles you have created there, which in turn will increase Blog Traffic.

Update your WordPress Blog Regularly

Update your WordPress blog on a regular basis so that people would know that the blog is still active. Blog Post as often as you can. By doing this, you would not only maintain the traffic but you could increase it as well for it could attract more visitors. Providing breaking news related to your niche would also boost your traffic. Social bookmarking sites are also there to help you all the way. The things mentioned are the ways you could boost your blog’s traffic without spending your money. As you may have noticed, most of them only requires your time and effort.