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freeThere are plenty of ways that you can attract free blog traffic if you know what to do. First and foremost, you should be hosting your own blog to earn free blog traffic, rather than having your blog hosted by WordPress, Blogger or another similar platform. There are stories floating around about bloggers that made money on hosted blogs, then had Google pull their blogs, preventing them from making money as they had been in the past. Can you imagine putting months of hard work into a blog and then having it taken away from you? Don’t do it!

When you host your own blog on your own website, you have control over absolutely every aspect of it, preventing this from happening to you. Now, here are some tips to increasing the amount of free blog traffic that you bring in to your website:

1 – First and foremost, if you enjoy blogging then spend a lot of time doing it. Spend several hours a day working on attracting free blog traffic by writing in your blog. The best way to get noticed is to prove that you are passionate about your blogging endeavor.

2 – Develop a detailed list of long tail keywords and keyword phrases for use on your website and then work on targeting those keywords in your blog titles as well as in the intro and the closing for each of your blog entries as well.

3 – Make sure that you are blogging every day, or at least consistently. Blog several times a day, so that the search engines will see that you are posting new, fresh and interesting content at regular intervals. The more you post, the more search engines will want to index your blog for an increase in free blog traffic.

4 – Bookmark all of your blog articles in the top social networking and social media directories. Some services out there are capable of bookmarking blog entries on multiple directories, such as for example.

5 – Take some of your content and post it elsewhere on the web, such as on for example. This is the largest article submission directly on the internet, and it will help you develop more backlinks for an increase in free blog traffic.

If you do this every single day, then you will slowly begin to build free blog traffic as well as sales, newsletter subscriptions and other actions that you are looking to create from your blog. Keep in mind that free blog traffic is vital, but if your blog is trying to sell something, raise awareness of something or garner more newsletter subscriptions, then attracting free blog traffic is really just the beginning. The more free blog traffic you attract, the more sales and sign ups you will end up attracting over time in order to create a wildly successful blog online.

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#1 Mikey on 11.27.09 at 9:36 pm

Very good tips. Thank you!

Talking about tip #5, it is essentially important to repost your content somewhere else.
There is also option to post your opinion on related matter as a comment and to attract more visitors.

My blog is dedicated for this. By posting your answers you can promote your site for free.

#2 ckrishwa on 05.21.10 at 6:46 am

I welcome your suggestion to post in articles directory. But the contents should be rewritten otherwise the article directory may reject as duplicate content.

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