Are Misspelled Keywords Good for Google SEO

Getting good ranking in the search engines greatly depends on keywords used. Some keywords have higher competition compared to others. Studies show that almost ten percent of search queries have keywords misspelled on them. User’s often unconsciously misspelled these keywords which then lead to opportunities for generating more money for some companies. Companies will most likely focus on common misspelled keywords and thus sweeping up the traffic that would have been unintentionally diverted away. And because there is almost no competition, these individuals often reach the search engine’s first results. Misspelled Keywords can produce significant amount of search every day, thus many tried to intentionally hide misspelled keywords in their websites.

Can Misspelled Keywords be Good for Google SEO

Misspelled Keywords have their own ROI, search volume and CPC. Keywords tool will recognize them and so assign value just like those correctly-spelled keywords. From SEO perspective the misspelled keyword’s rate delivers high impact with low competition, while allocating similar requirement as if they were correctly spelled, the main reason why numerous companies prefer to take advantage of this approach.

Bidding on the misspelled keywords can worth the value for a pay-per-click campaign. The usual bid on this keywords is lower and does not even affect the website’s overall quality. Sometimes, SEOs uses these commonly misspelled words in the meta-tag, which are read only by those search engines. However, if you decide to use PPC campaign, you might encounter great competition and is often much expensive.

Although this may be a great means to capitalize, still bloggers as well as other users must be careful enough using taking into consideration some of the advantages it brings.

  1. Most of the search engines propose right keywords that you are looking for. For example, Google has three great spell-check algorithms which look for those misspelled works. All those three have different functions varying to the intensity of those misspelled keywords. They use “Did you mean”, Chameleon”, and Spellmeleon as code names. These provide users with suggestions of the correctly spelled phrases and words which matches their search. So, even if it is possible to get good results in the search engines, misspelled keywords will still have different results from those correctly spelled.
  2. Because of spammer’s overuse of misspelled keywords, visitors then become more aware of it. Most visitors of your site might not notice a wrong placement of comma or colon, however they will start noticing it once it is always included in the website or blog content. This will then cause the visitor to think that you just care for search ranking than their experience on your site. Your site must be geared and written towards your human visitor, and constant usage misspelled words will just lower your website’s worth to their algorithm.
  3. Search-spelling correction has no ability to last longer, thus making it possible for you to lose ranking. It then pays to do some research to determine the traffic volume and competitive nature of the misspelled keywords. Noticed that once you type a misspelled keyword, google will automatically provide the correct spelling.

The disadvantages only indicate that you need to do further research before using misspelled keywords. If you want to keep up with online industry, what you only need to do is find an adaptable SEO strategy, and also continue to look for creative and new ways to target your prospective customers.