Are Misspelled Keywords Good Keywords? (pt 3)

drearmIn some cases, misspelling good keywords is a good way to prevent your traffic from being hurt. Some of the good keywords that you may be optimizing for may be difficult to properly spell out. Where is your traffic going, and how can you change things so that you can attract all traffic, regardless of whether they are spelling their search terms correctly or incorrectly?

Commonly Misspelled Words

Yes, you have worked hard in order to create a website that is sleek and professional looking. You should not, by any means, ruin the readability of this website by messing things up with good keywords that are improperly spelled. You can, however, find other ways to optimize your website for these keywords. One example of a tactic that you can employ is to include these commonly misspelled good keywords in the META tags for your website. Planting misspellings intentionally is only going to help you when it comes to words that are actually misspelled commonly. Look at the keywords that you are featuring on your website, and brainstorm the ways that they could potentially be easily misspelled. Make sure that you are including these misspellings in the META tags for your website.

Think about the errors that you have personally made when it comes to content creation for your website or while you are searching for certain things on the internet. What do you have a habit of misspelling when you are conducting a search online? The chances are that other people will be having the same difficulties that you have when it comes to spelling certain words – So if you have experienced a misspelling, other people are probably experiencing the same misspelling for otherwise good keywords. A great resource for misspelled keywords is Your Dictionary. This unique resource will help you find not only some of the most commonly misspelled words, but also how they are misspelled so that you can take advantage of these keywords when optimizing your website.

When you are looking for something online, you are probably using simple terms when trying to direct the search engines in the right way. Anybody that uses search engines will find that all it takes is a few short words to direct the search engine toward the right results. This is great for people who are searching for stuff online, but is not necessarily ideal for the people trying to create the content that caters to these keywords. You don’t want to look at the keyword as an individual entity, but rather want to see how you can string it in a sentence. For example, if you are trying to optimize for a keyword like “buy cheap wine”, try using sentences like “where you can buy cheap wine” and “how to buy cheap wine”, in order to use good keywords in your content.

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