Advantages of Using WordPress to Publish a Newspaper Blog

newspaperIf you want to have a blog or website that’s in newspaper format, WordPress is the ideal medium. There are many other services you could use, but because WordPress is so user friendly it’s easy to set up your blog to look like a newspaper (or a website, or whatever you want).

Why is WordPress so good for setting up a newspaper?

First of all, you can start a WordPress blog for free. You can also pay, of course, but if you’re just experimenting and trying to figure out what you want and how you want to do it, then it doesn’t cost anything. If you choose, later you can have your own domain and a variety of other paid features.

But even if you don’t want those things, you can completely lift your content from WordPress and put it somewhere else. They claim no ownership on anything you’ve published through their service. You really need to read the fine print on many other “free” services and even paid ones. Now and then you’ll find a clause in the fine print that gives them actual ownership of whatever you put up. It’s doubtful they’d try to take to the content from you, but why let them stake a claim on your content, just in case?

WordPress is also perfect for a newspaper because of the tons of free templates that are available. So you sign up for free and you can browse a variety of blog templates until you find the free one you want. They have some designed just for that newspaper look which makes them perfect.

And because WordPress is so popular, if you wanted to purchase a layout or pay to have one designed just the way you wanted, it would be easy to find a developer who could do that for you. Yet, you will most likely be able to get started with a free theme, if that’s what you want. You can even design your own. There are tutorials all over the web about how to design your own WordPress theme, so you have several options.

WordPress is so easy to use that with only the smallest time learning how you can easily update your newspaper blog and fill it with great content. You can add content and preview it, save it as a draft and tinker as much as you want before anyone else sees it, so you have the ability to get it just the way you want before it goes live.

It’s easy to go back and change a post in your WordPress newspaper blog, too. You just edit the post and go in to add or change something with very little hassle. If you know HTML you can enhance your content with it manually, or use their rich text editor which makes it easy to add formatting like different fonts, italics, bold, images and other great additions. All these add up to make WordPress a great place for a newspaper blog.

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#1 Old Newspaper Articles on 09.12.10 at 1:04 pm

I have been using WordPress for over three years and just recently discovered that it was perfectly OK to go back in and change things in your blog posts. I had always thought that it might upset the search engine Gods, but quite the contrary, as the author explains above you should do it to optimize your posts.

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