A new era ushers in unrivaled potential – welcome to the power of relevant chaos.

The Blog Traffic Exchange is built by bloggers for bloggers in the hopes of highlighting the best of what bloggers are already doing every day – publishing fresh content in a continuous stream of constant consumption.

What is one thing every blogger wants? 
What is one thing every blogger wishes they could do more of?

Every blogger I know wants more traffic, and every blogger I know also wishes they could strengthen their authority by sharing a higher quantity of relevant content with their readers. The Blog Traffic Exchange has created a system that does both all at the same time, all with no advertising – just pure, highly relevant links that enhance both specific user experience and blog traffic in general.

The Blog Traffic Exchange has designed a system that makes it easy for a blogger to display relevant links from around the web. Bloggers now have an unprecedented opportunity to increase traffic in an organic fashion, without the use of any spam or black hat tactics that could dilute the quality of their blog.

The Blog Traffic Exchange offers the most elegant, out-of-the-box, and organic method for building traffic and refining the user experience out of anything currently available.

Here is the way it works:

Links are randomly rotated locally per page load, and globally across every 24 hour cycle. And though a proprietary traffic balancing algorithm does reward those blogs sending the most diverse traffic into the exchange with a higher frequency of placement, relevancy to the reader is NEVER compromised.

After installing the Related Websites plugin (and inputting the required API key), you will see the plugin’s massive value. Prepare to multiply it by signing up for the unbelievable Pro account.

All Blog Traffic Exchange Pro accounts receive access to detailed traffic data, so they can always have a clear idea about the exchange of incoming and outgoing links.

Though the plugin automates a steady balance of incoming and outgoing traffic, Pro accounts are permitted to run traffic at a deficit. Additionally, the will regularly receive opportunities for additional traffic whenever available, without reader relevancy being compromised.

The technology behind the Blog Traffic Exchange is impressive for sure, but the price of a pro member account is incredible. Pro members are asked to pay only $20 per month. This is by far the best value for currently available anywhere.

And remember, Pro members are paying for an enhanced user experience for their readers, with always appropriate author attribution. Members are never asked to pay for links.

Membership requirements: In exchange for displaying the related blog posts of other Blog Traffic Exchange members, bloggers will have their blog posts displayed on other members’ blogs when relevant.

Membership Terms of Service:

  • Original content blogs only.
  • No spam.
  • No porn.
  • No warez.
  • No copyright violations.
  • Limited Duplicate Content
  • English only (until further notice).
  • All users must report duplicate content, spam or porn.
  • You can cancel your membership at anytime by removing the API key. Removing the API key will cause your posts to no longer be served by the Blog Traffic Exchange.
  • You must display at least 2 (and up to 10) traffic opportunities per single post page.
  • You agree that your entire post content, title, tags, and category can be used to determine relevance by the Blog Traffic Exchange.
  • You agree that up to the first 50 words of your post content may be republished as long as your post title is used alongside the permalink to direct traffic to the original publication.
  • Traffic opportunities and clicks will be tracked.
  • In order to balance the exchange, traffic opportunities will be limited if a source member blog receives more unique traffic than it produces over a 30 day hour period.
  • Traffic opportunities are randomized in order to balance the exchange and allow all relevant traffic opportunities a chance at being displayed.
  • Users may only connect to Blog Traffic Exchange from approved clients such as Related Websites
    WordPress plugin.
  • Click on the link and sign-up for the Pro member account right now! Even if the decision takes a second, you’ll wonder what took you so long.