6 More Steps for How to Get Blog Traffic

Are you struggling to hook more readers to your blogs or do what you want to get more blog traffic?

You know you’re writing an incredible piece of blog content, you have an interesting and attention-grabbing headline but still you failed to catch the attention of your target audience. What’s wrong? Well, you might just be missing the art behind increasing your blog traffic. The following are some ideas to help you generate buzz around your blog and get every of your posts be noticed.

#1 Article Promotion in a Diverse Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are popular platforms for promoting every blogger content and because of its popularity and number of users, it’s always tempting to just focus on these networks. But remember, there are also less-known networks or smaller networks where you can share your content. Although this are just “small” networks, it still can deliver a competitive advantage because this sites are often have focused, active audiences and has lesser competition for attention, giving your content an opportunity to stand out. An excellent website builder can also help in reaching dynamic platform.

#2 Take Viewer Interest Through the Use of Different Media Types: Sharing link to a post will not guarantee that readers will read it but it will help if you provide the users with a convincing reason to click that link. Be creative. You can use out-of-the box method in promoting your posts with either images, video or audio. You can use Dubbler (available in Android and iPhone devices) to give short audio as an introduction that communicates your passion and excitement regarding the content. You can also add image with your blog post URL.

Creating a preview of your blog with Vine (iPhone App) is another great way to provide viewers a teaser about the blog content. A slide share will also do great as well as pinning your post to the Pinterest board.

#3 Blog Commenting: Making comments to the post of other bloggers is also a great means to get viewers follow your own blog. But make sure you leave a useful and thoughtful comments on their blogs and then leave your blog link so those interested people can easily find your blog. However, make sure you participate in blogs that have similar concern as the content topic for your blog traffic so you know you are dealing with the right audience.

#4 Create SEO-friendly Blog Content: Search engines are huge opportunity in generating substantial traffic; however numerous bloggers still ignore this network for numerous reasons. SEO for your blog is just easy and simple to set-up, specifically if you are using SEO-friendly platform. WordPress hosting can be a great one which is proven to provide excellent result in blogging and even deliver WordPress Tutorial to help you technically.

#5 Install Analytics. Installing analytics such as Google Analytics will allow you to see which sources can drive excellent traffic, where do visit originate and what others are saying about your content. Through this, you can monitor your success and see more opportunity.

#6 Never Give Up, Just be Consistent: It’s a daunting task at first, yet with sufficient knowledge and proper tactics, you surely can beat the competition and be on top. Getting traffic requires time, consistency and perseverance. Writing some content that sucks must not disappoint you, what matter is you continually doing your best to transform your blog into a remarkable one.