61 Simple Steps to Increase WordPress Blog Traffic

Increasing WordPress Blog traffic is probably one of the main goals of bloggers. We all want to increase our web traffic, then visitors get to appreciate its content – if they want. Increase in WordPress Blog Traffic also reflects the success of the specific blog.

Helpful steps for increasing WordPress Blog Traffic

  1. Create Press Releases for your WordPress Blog.
  2. Use other forms of media in your posts, like – audio, video, infographics.
  3. Submit your articles to various directories.
  4. Submit your WordPress Blog to search engines.
  5. Look for popular blogs and guest posts on those.
  6. Submit your blog to review sites that are free.
  7. Submit your blog to various blog directories.
  8. Create a list of the objects, you want your blog to achieve.
  9. Make use of the social bookmarking sites.
  10. Create a Wiki page.
  11. Dedicate your post to a top blogger.
  12. Only use common questions as title.
  13. Create a page in MySpace.
  14. Let people know of new comment.
  15. Use captivating headlines and introduction to your posts.
  16. Link to the posts of other bloggers.
  17. Create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Google Analytics accounts.
  18. Create blog posts that contain lists.
  19. Use videos to your advantage, by posting to Youtube.
  20. Create a community using any free community software.
  21. Write related articles linking to your blog.
  22. Come up with an attractive name as well as a creative description.
  23. Install a plug-in called the “tell a friend” (SmartAddon ).
  24. Produce unique articles.
  25. Create a HubPage.
  26. Run contest and provide giveaways.
  27. Make use of forum signatures in order to link your blogs to the anchor text.
  28. Respond to your visitor’s comments.
  29. Answer related questions linking back to your blogs.
  30. Join Blogcatalog.
  31. Ask others to review your blog and its content.
  32. Create Squidoo lens.
  33. Search for – if  there are any new developments in your niche.
  34. Leave valuable comments on other related blogs.
  35. Use WordPress Plugins that notify for comments.
  36. Join forums online.
  37. Make use of Tags for your WordPress Blog posts.
  38. Keep your blog user-friendly.
  39. Make use of StumbleUpOn.
  40. Create Hi5 page.
  41. Know how to interklinik.
  42. Post as frequent as possible.
  43. Provide simple HTML to your visitors.
  44. Use keywords in your WordPress blog titles.
  45. Give your visitors some rewards.
  46. Make use of the exchange link of blogroll.
  47. Turn your blog into a search engine friendly one.
  48. Place a button of “Digg it”.
  49. Ask other bloggers to post as a guest in your blog.
  50. Join the Technorati.
  51. Make use of PingOmatic in pinging your blog to aggregators of RSS.
  52. Install WordPress Plugins like Social Sharing, WordPress Backup, Yoast SEO.
  53. Interview other well known bloggers and upload it to your blog.
  54. Provide the audience with the means to discuss the contents of your blogs.
  55. Generate Backlinks to your blog.
  56. Create your own blog business card and pass it to others.
  57. Create videos and post it on social media.
  58. Create relevant ad banners.
  59. Use Keyword and Link Building Tools like Moz, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs.
  60. Create Favicon for your WordPress Blog.
  61. Keep promoting your blog.

The list might look long, but all of these items are worth a try. Then, just wait and good results will come.