5 Twitter Tools for Better Blogging

These days Twitter Tools have become quite an important part of blogging .

Twitter is a must for Blogging

Technology evolves faster and faster by the day. This can be seen in how fast communication devices change in algorithm and procedures. In fact, everything is getting automated already—even the social media including twitter. There are numerous tools that can be added to social networking sites to make them more and more useful not only on personal level but also in business. One best example for social sites is Twitter, which is continuously becoming a popular and effective communication platform for bloggers. To date. Twitter has more than 500 million users which is great enough to start marketing a business—may it be a product or service.

Below are five Twitter Tools for better blogging experience

  1. Buffer App. One of the things that make and break presence online is the regularity of quality tweets. This is why it is important to post quality and informative tweets on a regular basis. This is where Buffer App can help. It is an online app that is designed to help manage the user’s social accounts and networks. This is done by posting on schedule not only on Twitter but also on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  1. One important feature of Twitter is hashtag. This creates another thread where all users on the same topics can be viewed and use for trending. For optimizers, the use of hashtracking tool can give the user the advantage to track and convert the numbers of users of the same topic into figures.
  1. Tweepi. The number of followers, likers, retweeters are very important in making online presence of a twitter account. This is the reason why people want more and more followers at Twitter, as well as exchange following favors. But how does one get to know that both parties are actually following each other? This is what Tweepi is for. Once installed as add-on to the Twitter account, a user can now get real time information about who is following who.
  1. TweetCloud. Twitter is continuously going through important changes, say in appearance, user experience as well as in improving its performance. There are also third party apps that can be used in even making a user’s Twitter account look cooler than the rest. One of these is adding in a TweetCloud. As the name suggests, it is a group of words on clouds that users use more often than any other words. The size also changes with the frequency of the word used.
  1. Who Tweeted Me. Adding in the Who Tweeted Me app will provide a user the most important information about somebody who tweeted him or her. This is done by analyzing the URL of that tweet, from the influential retweeter up to the potential reach of that account.

Social media is definitely a cool channel of getting connected with the rest of the world. Twitter, for one, is definitely among the favorites. But with the use of the right tools, it can get more and more awesome for personal or even business use.