5 Elements for Successfully Writing a Blog

writingWhen you finally make the decision to begin writing a blog, it is likely that you are going to want people to actually come and visit. If you want to begin writing a blog that is actually going to have a solid chance of being successful, then the following five key components are definitely going to come in handy. When it comes to writing a blog of any type, the following five characteristics are going to be truly key elements in ensuring that your blog is successful.

Element #1 – You should be writing a blog that has personality, and that personality should be your own.

Your blog needs to be capable of reflecting who you are, and your own personality. If it reads like a bunch of dull news, then it is highly unlikely that visitors will want to return. You should inject your own personality into the blog posts that you write. Write in the same way that you speak. You should write posts that are unique informative and even occasionally controversial.

Element #2 – You should be writing a blog that showcases opinions, and those opinions should be your own.

Your opinion on specific topics that relate to the subject of your blog is a key component in the unique voice and personality of your writing. You should not be afraid to let your own personal opinions seep into the blog posts that you write.

Element #3 – You should be writing a blog that solicits participation, and that gives back in kind.

You should not just be publishing posts and moving on to the next thing on your agenda. Much of the strength behind writing a blog comes from the community that is evolving all around it. In order for you to grow the community, you are going to need to be active in participating. Your blog should solicit participation from readers, and you should participate back in turn.

Element #4 – You should be writing a blog that provides value.

Your blog absolutely needs to be capable of bringing something interesting or useful to the readers, or there is absolutely not going to be any point in them coming once, let alone visiting again. Your blog needs to be capable of adding value to the lives of your readers in order for them to want to return time and time again; otherwise you’re not achieving the goals of your blog or website.

Element #5 – You should be writing a blog that demonstrates your availability within the niche or industry, updating regularly.

Do not publish a single post and then disappear for a while – Blogs that are successful are always updated on a frequent or regular basis. Your readers are going to come to rely on you for providing them with useful content, so do not let them down or you will lose your readers quickly.

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#1 Zane Claes on 07.24.10 at 11:05 am

I’d say the intersection between tips #2 and #4 is defined by your use of facts (and proper linking to source material). When I’m reading a blog that makes any sort of statement or claim, I will quickly disregard it and move on if I don’t see something backing it up. If the author has previously established himself (eg. a PhD in astrology writing on the subject) then this is simple. For most of us, though, this means letting our audience know WHY we are qualified to form an opinion on a subject. The blogosphere has enough people spouting unqualified opinions – let your readers know that yours are based upon actual research and they will respect you all the more.

For me, I get all of my inspiration for posts from reading other blogs – and more importantly, books. This way I immediately have at least one source to reference as soon as I start writing (as well as a good trackback), and inevitably I end up researching a few more before I finish the article.

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