4 Ways to Keep People at Your Blog

timeThe longer you keep someone at your blog, the more they read, the more they see your message. If you’re selling something on your blog, your readers are more likely to purchase if they stay and read more. They’re also more likely to simply keep coming back if they were engaged for a while reading your great content.

If someone comes to your blog and finds a post that interests them, how do you keep them from simply clicking away after they read that post? There are a few things you can do to try to retain blog readers longer. Think about the things that keep you reading a blog. The top one might to have a list of posts ready at the bottom of each post that have related content.

Relevant Posts: How many times have you read a post, saw a few related links at the bottom that piqued your interest and began clicking? This is especially helpful to keep older but relevant posts being read instead of just disappearing off into blog purgatory. Not everyone is going to go back and read the blog in order all the way to beginning. Those early posts can be linked and made easy for the reader to find.

Categories: We’ve all seen the cool tag clouds. They’re kind of hard to resist, with your eye naturally drawn to the largest print words. But any list of categories on the side will do, and it’s especially good if the list is more toward the top where it can be seen without scrolling or with very little scrolling. A glance at a list of categories is a great site overview and allows the reader to click on a category that interests him or her to see all the posts in that category.

Good Content: Of course, you have to have interesting and real content in your blog to keep people there. But beyond the content being really interesting and giving them the knowledge they were looking for, you can tailor the content to keep them there by design. When you write a post, lead it in to another question or topic that they’ll then want to know more about. If you’ve just explained a concept, take another aspect of that concept that you wrote about in another post and end the post with that.

You might point out that you’ve covered how to X, but Y is related and for more information on that, see “this” post, with that being the link to lead them elsewhere. This can be used along with a list of posts about the same topic at the end of your post.

Variety: If a reader can glance at your blog and see that every post looks like the same chunk of text, they might get bored even if the information is good. Use photos to liven things up. Have a few audio or video posts. To keep people at your blog, you’ve got to keep them informed and entertained.

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