4 Things Bloggers Do Wrong

Most of the Bloggers do a few things wrong. Your blog is a great way of delivering value to your prospects and establishing yourself as an authority in your niches. However, if you are not strategically blogging with your business objectives in mind, the tendencies are that you will be preventing many interested prospects to convert. A content marketing plan that is successful must not just bring you visitors. If you do it right, it must also be able to bring you thousands of new customers and prospects. Knowing the four biggest things that bloggers do wrong will help you prevent the same failure and begin to reap the benefits of a successful blogging strategy.

Here are a few Things Bloggers May Do Wrong

  1. May be Bloggers are Not directing the readers into a landing page – Your blog posts are not sales pitches, it is a great thing, as your posts must be free with highly valued resources, which will be able to help the readers in solving their problems before buying. Nevertheless, as bloggers / marketers, you still have to grow your business, and if you do not leverage your blog for growth, it is probably not an asset to your business and other blogging reasons. This does not necessarily mean that bloggers need to write posts in order to pitch the readers. There are lot of things that bloggers can do to be able to have your blogs optimized for prospects that are ready to convert.
  2. If Bloggers are Spending too much time in writing – To run a successful blog is a huge undertaking. It takes a lot in order to keep your head down in writing, formatting, and editing. Mostly, when you first started to blog, about 95% of the time you will spent on your blog will be on writing. The other 5% will be spent on some sort of scattered emails and tweets to try getting the content in front of your readers. After writing post after post, it is very frustrating not being able to see good web traffic or lots of social shares. Some of the most successful bloggers and content marketers are telling the same things; spend less time in promoting your content because you are writing it.
  3. Making it really difficult for people to sign up – If you are not making it obviously easy for the people to subscribe into your email list, you are cheating yourself of long term and loyal readers. You may already have email subscribers opt-in forms in place, but they may not be really to find as you think. You should test these very well, before implementing. Some simple changes may lead to  dramatic conversion lifts.
  4. Letting people forget about you – Are your readers hearing from you on a regular basis? If not, there is a great chance that they are forgetting about you. To become a regular presence in the lives of your readers will keep them eager and engaged to reading your content. Disappearing and being erratic from their inboxes for several weeks at a time will make your email just another annoyance that they would not expect.

It takes practice, efforts, and mistakes for the bloggers to get things right and start to turn your blog into a serious driver of new customers.